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Tenuta Badessa has established an agreement with AskalPro, an amateur sports association that aims to training up to the state of self-Kiter, prepared and "mature."
The association uses an IKO Instructor Level 2, using an innovative approach: safety at the heart of the business, always accompanied by the atmosphere of fun and theoretical preparation.
The team relies on careful preparation method IKO.
IKO passes will be issued on 3 levels: - Basic course; - Full Course (Level 3J); - Private courses and advanced.
The association uses materials Adwance Kaiman

Horse Riding

For more information please contact Tenuta Malapezza

Cooking Classes

It is a poor cooking for the ingredients used , starting from little refined flour or barley , less expensive than wheat . For the use of wild and cultivated vegetables that can offer Salento , along with other natural products such as snails. For the use of blue fish, evaluated today , but at one time the only fish that people could afford. For the shortage of meat dishes too expensive for the farmers .
In fact, the poor ate meat only on Sundays mixed with a lot of bread to make the meatballs , or even just a few times a year at the most important holidays such as Christmas, Easter and the feast of the patron . Horse meat was widespread as these animals were used to work in the fields and as a means of transport and only when they were too old to work were used as food. Over the Easter period in which it is traditional to eat the lamb , the population consumed the scraps of the animal, which is the interior . These were used in the preparation of dishes that today have become sought after for their quality and balance of flavors. Just with the entrails of lamb prepared ( and preparing ) the turcineḍḍi or gnommareḍḍi or mboti , which are rolls with a strong flavor and delicious , cooked on the grill .
Other traditional peasant dish of Salento cuisine is ciceri and tria . It is fresh pasta, noodle type but without egg , partly fried in extra virgin olive oil and some boiled together with chickpeas, served together precisely to these pulses. In addition, we use spices to flavor of the Mediterranean scrub preparations : sage, rosemary , thyme , marjoram , mint and oregano.
The fantasy dominates particularly desserts that reflect the influence of the Eastern world ( Byzantines and Arabs) . The presence of ingredients such as almonds , honey and cinnamon is typical of many regions of the Near East and the Mediterranean coast .
We organize for you to La Badessa cooking classes directly with our staff , and with the ingredients of our products, you can directly collect, cook and then enjoy !

Cycle Tourism

to visit Salento we can organize trekking guide , or bike tour with tastings.

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